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Sampark Web Solutions has a dedicated centre for iPhone Software...

Sampark Web Solutions has a dedicated centre for iPhone Software Development , which can take you from concept to launch in a matter of weeks.We provide free consultation for developing your idea into complete product design . We have been developing iPhone Applications that are being used by wide range of consumers ranging from Enterprise users to mass consumers with a highly skilled team of iPhone application programmers. Our expert iPhone Programmers will help you out to develop customized iPhone software applications with new innovations and creative suggestions to get best out of your application. From SDK 2.0 to SDK 3.1.2 we have been giving our clients amazing service and upgrades of their apps developed on previous SDKs. We are very aggressive in providing our clients the best and latest solutions in iPhone area which helps them get better sales record.

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iPhone and iPad web applications need special considerations while developing. Our team of iPhone developers can help you develop the iPhone and iPad web applications that integrate with built-in iPhone and iPad applications, are optimized for Safari on iPhone and iPad, have the same look & feel and are designed to perform well even in low-bandwidth conditions.

Sampark Web Solutions has good expertise on iPhone Business Applications, Location and GPS Applications, iPhone Game Engines, Entertainment Applications, Calendar & Address book Applications, Healthcare Applications, proximity sensor, Sqlite3 database, Quartz, Augmented Reality Based Application and Encryption. We have a wide knowledge of working on Cocoa framework, Cocoa Touch framework.We also have record of developing projects with open sourced APIs of third party like FaceBook, Twitter, Google Map, Google Calendar.

Even though iOS 4 is out now with 1500 new APIs including multitasking support, your apps won't support all those new features out of the gate they'll need to be updated to take full advantage of the iPhone's & iPad's new features. Happily, Apple started accepting iOS 4-ready apps recently, and we geared ourselves to convert hundreds of applications to new iOS 4 platform so that our clients maintain their competitive advantage.

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