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Creative Marketing

So in my last post I spoke about creative marketing and how this can enable your target audience to find you easier.

Why? Because a creative advertisement or direct mailing has the ability to cut through the clutter of the hundreds of messages that we receive (directly or indirectly) each day.

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So, how can you apply a degree of creative advertising to help your business become more visible and in turn, improve your ROI (Return On Investment)?

Be Different

Well the first thing you should be doing is be different . Here's an experiment that you can do right now which will prove my point. If you look in our Yellow Pages under the section where your business is listed, you'll see advertisements galore.

And if you do not advertise in the Yellow Pages, still have a look and see what I am talking about, as this is a critical issue for being found amongst the crowd.

Now can you see any that really stand out, other than the fact that they are a bigger advertisement than all the rest?

I'll bet there aren't many, if any.

Granted there are different sizes, some are colour and some are black and white, some are square, or rectangular or circle shaped.

But do any really have a compelling message, or catch your eye because they are really different?

This is one way in which you can instantly stand out amongst your competitors.

Now I am not talking about doing anything crazy, but I do think that you should put away any preconceptions that you may have about doing something a bit different, even a touch unconventional in many people's eyes.

The fact is, this works and works extremely well. Its gets you noticed and gets people contacting you.

We have so much boredom in our lives these days, that being and looking and appearing to be different really do work.

Do you know who Churchill is, or the Compare The Marketing Meerkat, or the annoying Go Compare tennor singer.

I'm sure you do. Memorable aren't they? Different aren't they?

This works.

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