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Our customers are people businesses the businesses that interact with customers everyday. Places like restaurants, dentists, hotels, contractors and stores on main street. These are the businesses that have already mastered the art of relationships and great customer service in the real world because they know this is what creates loyalty and leads to referrals.

So although we call ourselves internet marketers (people understand what this means right away, and it's compact enough to fit on a businesses card), we're really a blend of a bunch of different skills. We say internet marketing to try and simplify things, but it helps to understand that the role of a marketing person has become more about managing a businesses customer community and brand.

In a nutshell, this is what our marketing plans do:

The technical work of properly managing search, review and social media profiles.

It used to be about having a website. But now it's more important to be found first on Google, Yelp or Facebook.

Doing the content and promotional work the web (search, review and social sites) demand.

These sites require content about your business, whether in the form of photos, videos, news, articles or blog posts to be interesting and to rank well.

Managing the customer conversations that take place on reviews sites, social media, blogs and forums.

This is a blend of classic customer service, the ability to answer questions, a bit of small talk (it's not always about business) and some public relations.

Internet and mobile advertising.

Advertising on Google and Facebook can be really effective. It can also burn through cash really fast. Campaigns need to be managed.

What we do didn't exist 5 years ago. Technology makes it possible for us to do all these things for a small business. We appreciate that it's a lot different than buying an ad in the paper and being done with it. But the upside is that it is far moretargeted than a newspaper ad ever was, and even better, interacting with customers online builds loyalty that translates to real wold store visits and sales.

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