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10 Must Hear Famous Music Bands

Music is greatest way to lift up our spirits and lighten our mood. A good music is a combination of great lyrics, beautiful voice and impactful sounds. There are great singers , lyricists around the musicians who make this world of music. And when it comes to music we surely cannot neglect the contribution of the music bands. There are a lot of bands which have managed to make a huge impact on the music lovers and have achieved great fame.

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Here is a list of 10 Must Hear Famous Music Bands in random order:

1. The Beatles:

Undoubtedly considered as the most popular music band so far, The Beatles has provided the word of music more than a billion successful tracks and albums. Although the band went through series of problems (which led to their disabandment in the year 1970), they we're a great union of best song writers and musicians and was able to influence the masses for a long period of ten years.

2. Jimi Hendrix:

American musician, guitarist and singer, Jimi Hendrix had so much to offer to the world of music. Passionate singer and considered as the most influential guitarist of all times, Jimi created a music band consisting of talented boys . This band achieved worldwide fame.

3. Gun n Roses:

This is hard rock band made it's way to the top most popular band and have a dangerous reputation and we're involved in many controversies. They create music which can soothe you to the hearts core or tear apart your eardrums. Their music nonetheless suits all.

4. The Rolling Stones:

Giving us a gift of beautiful and influential music, this band proclaimed itself as The Greatest.

Although the members have now turned above sixty, they still have not stopped making creative music for all. Some of their works still exist at the top of the chart and are all time fun.

5. Rascal Flatts:

This band originated in year 1999 in Columbus. Their music is ranges from country to country rock and is famous for it's beautiful, soulful lyrics. If you love country music, this is the band you should surely hear.

6. Linkin Park:

Also known as Xero and Hybrid Theory, this American band specializes in rock-metal music. This band rose to fame after they released their debut album , Hybrid Theory. If you are not into groovy country music and like rock songs more this is band you should go for. Their songs are a combination of good lyrics and powerful music.

7. Maroon 5:

This American pop rock band was formed in 1994 and was then known as Karas Flowers. Its because of their lead singer Adam Levine and his beautiful voice that they first got famous. Some of it's songs have even made it to the top of various music charts.

8. The Band:

This Canadian-American band was considered as one of the most influential bands. They travelled and played their music in various countries and gained fame because of their rock n roll songs which we're the life if all parties. It was due to Bob Dylan and Ronnie Hawkins, that they produced greatest hits of that time.

9. Sly & The Family Stone:

This American band became famous for it's psychedelic rock music. It was a group of Sly Stone(song writer, multi-instrumentalist and a singer) and his family members. This band was not only influential but it was also first major American band to have multicultural line up.

10. One Direction:

This band consisting of a team of teenagers is increasingly becoming famous among youngsters. It is an English-Irish band, their main genre being teen pop. This group of young energetic boys have given some of the recent hit songs and their shows manage to enthral the young listeners.


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