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Researchers looked into the effects of alcohol licensing policies on the changes in teenage drinking habits. The findings of the report will be published in January on the online issue of Addiction.

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Among young people, there is such an act as pre-drinking or pre-gaming. This refers to the planned heavy drinking behavior as in the case of hanging out in a friend's house before going to a party or spending the night at a bar. Young people drink alcohol at a friend's place before heading out to the bar as a way to spend less on alcoholic beverages which can be a bit expensive in these outlets.

The research was conducted by a team at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. The team believes that pre-drinking is based on a motive to deliberately get drunk. Young people drink before heading for the club so they are already drunk by the time they get there and they don't need to spend much on expensive beverages at the venue.

Previous research has found that a number of teenagers and young adults pre-drink. This habit makes them more likely to drink excessively which translates to an increased vulnerability to the negative consequences of too much alcohol intake relative to those who do not pre-drink.

According to the authors of this particular study, banning drink promotions in bars to reduce the accessibility of alcohol in these outlets may have unexpectedly caused young adults to seek cheaper alcohol and drink before going to these party places. They also point out that the implementation of later closing times in bars may have been designed to keep the youth from the streets after the clubs close but it has also resulted in young people drinking privately before socializing which then increases the risks for social violence due to alcohol intoxication.

According to the study, Many young bar goers have found a way to avoid paying high alcohol prices in bars: they pre-drink. We have begun to see that this intense and ritualized activity among young adults may result in harmful consequences. They further recommend that policymakers looked into the impact of laws and other regulations that are affecting the young drinking phenomenon so as to minimize the effects of these drinking habits in the youth.

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