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The Ultimate FishDish

This dish is beyond sick and it's rather hard for me to explain just how good it is, but it's definitely the kind of meal that will have you thinking about it long after it's finished. In fact, Pete Evans loved it so much, he asked to take it home after Ashlee and I made it for him during an MKR that's big pimping! I've used snapper in this recipe but I also recommend bream which is my dirty little chefs secret. This is a relatively cheap fish but is my absolute favourite as it has the sweetest white flesh that is forgiving towards even the most incompetent of cooks. As always, use what is freshest at the market that day and when choosing fish, make sure the inside of their gills are pink and vibrant and their eyes are clear as opposed to cloudy. Also touch the flesh to make sure it's firm and has some resistance than finally, smell it. It should smell like the sea and not 'fishy' if you know what I mean.

steamed snapper with ginger and shallots | Serves 2

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1 x 1.5 kilo whole snapperor bream

1 5cm knob of ginger finely diced

2 cloves of garlic finely diced

1 bunch of green shallotsleaves only, cut half into batons and the rest into julienne strips


4 tbs of light soy sauce

5 teaspoons of shaoxing wine

3 teaspoons of caster sugar

5 tbsp of peanut oil


1. Place abamboo steamer on top of a large wok filled with water or alternatively use a tiered metal steamer, then place on a highheat until you achieve a rapid boil. In the meantime, mix together the ginger and garlic andrub over the entire fish then stuff the cavity with the spring onion batons then place onto a plate and into the steamer for 10-12 minutes or until cooked.

2. Once cooked remove the plate from the steamer and using a spatular transfer the whole fish onto a large serving plate then set aside. Place all the ingredients for the sauce in a bowl and stir until the sugar has dissolved then pour over the fish. Place the remaining spring onions over the length of the fish then set aside.

3. In a small pot heat the peanut oil until smoking hotthen pour oil over the entire fish and if you hear a crackle it means you've done an awesome job.

Serve immediately with steamed jasmine rice and savour the compliments that will come your way!

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