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How to never tie your child’s shoe laces again by using Speed-Sew fabric mender to repair or mend any clothing material.
In this video I have asked my son if he would like to never tie his shoes again.  He agreed to let me Speed Sew his shoe laces together as an experiment.  Speed-Sew works very well on fabric such as laces and I knew it would work beautifully.
One of his sisters has a boot where the sole is coming apart and we may make a video for that too one day.
I was constantly having to bug my son to tie his shoe laces and ultimately it was me who ended up tying them in the end.  I admit this fun experiment was more of a selfish maneuver.  Haha I wonder if you will be a teenager and not know how to tie shoes now. I will be known as a bad dad then :-( .
All you need is a very little drop to make the laces stay together.  SpeedSew is a liquid latex when it comes from the tube and turns into a rubber.  Anything that it has soaked into before it tuns to a rubber is connected together.