Speed-Sew Fabric Adhesive Makes 2 Sand Bags And A Pair Of Shorts

Materials needed in order to use Speed-Sew Fabric Adhesive to make 2 sand bags and a pair of shorts.

  1. Old pair of jeans
  2. Scissors
  3. 2 feet of rope
  4. Tube of Speed-Sew Fabric Glue

Here we are cutting the legs off the jeans to make the pair of shorts.

Fabric Adhesive

Now we have 2 lower legs of the jeans, the shorts have been made.

Fabric Adhesive

Use the Speed-Sew Fabric Mender on the top edge of the cut off jeans

Fabric Adhesive

SinceĀ aesthetics are not overly important for this, apply a liberal amount of Speed-Sew Fabric Mender

Now we use the Speed-Sew to attach the rope to the bottom end of the jeans.


Fill bag and tie

Sand Bag

And Voila a sand bag!

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