He even hems his suit pants!

He has been ‘religiously’ using speed sew ever since my mother died over twenty years ago! When his grandchildren were small he used to hunt out and fix all their holes – not always appreciated by their mothers, and once they reached their teens, also not appreciated by the grandchildren.
Before that Mum used it to patch our holes – as far as I can recall, way back in the early sixties until she died.
Dad broke his ankle two years ago. The ‘healed’ ankle has stayed in a big ball all this time and he can’t wear any shoes that don’t open WIDE. He also can’t fit the foot past a lot of the pant-leg-bottoms. He cuts the side-seams in his pants, cuts a triangle from scrap fabric, and speed-sews it in! He gets a lot of second looks when he visits the doctors etc!
I could probably give you a few more examples but this is probably close to the space limit, eh!