Wow Speed-Sew Fabric Glue Works On Porcelain

These pictures were sent to us from a very happy Speed-Sew Customer.

A view looking into the porcelain bowl from the top


A view looking at the bottom of the porcelain bowl

Porcelain Bowl

The story as it was told to me on the phone is that their very active 5 year old boy knocked this porcelain bowl off the counter and it broke into 3 pieces.  Straight down the middle with a small piece at the top.  The customer contacted us first to ask if Speed-Sew would work and our answer was an immediate no.

A few months later the pictures above were sent to us and a brief call shortly after that went something like this:

Speed-Sew is amazing! We used the glue to fix our porcelain bowl even though you said it wouldn’t work.  The bowl is as good as new, we use it all the time, the bond is fantastic.  We even used Speed-Sew to re install a tile next to our fire place that fell off and I have tried to pull it off and cannot.  Speed-Sew is the bomb!