How Many Halloween Costumes Are You Deciding On?

The dilemma many people have in the last weeks of October is making that final decision, narrowing their choice down from 3 or 4 Halloween costumes to 1.  Once you have made your decision to what you are going to be for Halloween the next step is to decide how you are going to put it together.

Once You Have Made Your Final Decision

Maybe you are like me and you go into your storage room and dig out an old one?  Or there is no way in hell you could ever wear the same costume twice.  Do you go to a thrift store?  A popup shop that sells cheap costumes for just shy of $100? Make it yourself?  Who knows maybe you are crafty enough to make your entire costume using Speed-Sew?

Always Be Prepared

No matter what you do you should have a tube of Speed-Sew Fabric Glue around at all times.  I haven’t pulled my old costume out of the bag yet but if there is a rip I do know how to fix it 🙂
Happy Halloween

Halloween Costumes

Here is one of my old costumes and if I continue to procrastinate my decision will be easy.

Here is a fun read from Huffington Post – 17 Halloween Costumes That Are Actually Clever