I have used Speed Sew for at least 29 years

I have used it faithfully for repairing all my pants and shorts from the crotch ripping out to the thigh area wearing out hemming up my pants that are to long.
Anyway when I started with my job 29ish years ago I couldn’t afford to buy new pants I only made $3.35 an hour I happened to be in a sewing store because I needed to get a needle and thread and learn how to sew my thin ripped pants for work I work in the public so a ripped crotch is unacceptable so back to the sewing store I looked on the wall and this red white and blue package caught my eye so I grabbed it and read the package and I was sold!
I quickly took it home and took an old none repairable pair of old jeans and cut a patch out and glued it on my ripped crotch pants and within minutes it was glued and I have been a faithful speed sew user ever since even when I had gotten married 16 years ago my wife cant sew either so I still and for ever will use Speed Sew.
Thank you for such a Great product!!!