Blu Ridge Collies teaches the Speed Sew method of training puppy ears.

This method of training puppy ears was taught by Judy of Sealore Collies & Shelties. The puppy shown is almost 7 weeks old.


This is an except from a post from Highledge Shelties

There is nothing prettier than a sheltie with perfect little ears that are correctly placed and tipped as they should be.  Most don’t “just happen”  it usually takes perseverance and time.  I usually start to train ears at a very young age.    Most puppies have their ears pulled up and glued around six weeks, but serious training of ears begin at 10 weeks of age and will continue until about 6 months old.  If you are diligent with ear training,  you will have beautiful ears sets, like these … continue reading post
Training Puppy Ears