Yep we finally made a Speed-Sew fabric craft glue Infomercial

This was our 1st attempt at a fabric craft glue Infomercial for Speed-Sew and it was a lot more work and planning than I expected.  If you ever want to build a short infomercial you must plan, plan, plan! First we hired a guy on FIVERR to write a script, then of course we had to edit tweak, edit tweak and edit tweak some more. There came a point when I realized the edit tweak process alone can be a never ending journey. Next step was to write a video script description beside the oral script.  In other words visualizing the video with the words.
There were a total of 10 people from start to finish involved in making this video.

  • 5 different faces in the video
  • 2 people behind the camera
  • 1 writer
  • 1 voice over
  • 1 photographer

We found 2 willing Speed-Sew fans who took time out of their day to do a video testimonial, 2 people were hired actors then there was myself in the video.  Josh and Jazmine were behind the camera and we got the voice over from FIVERR too.
The next step was to coordinate the locations for the 2 testimonials, the shoot with the actors and finally my time behind the camera. Once that was done we had essentially created the pieces of the puzzle that needed to be assembled.  To the computer Josh and Jazmine went with the new photographs we had done. Many hours later after some fancy video editing and visual effects were added the final product.
You might find the video cheesy but there was several hours of research before the script even started on effective infomercials and what made them successful.  Now that this video is up and live time will tell if we did something right?

Fabric Craft Glue