Halloween is tomorrow and here is how you can make a bloody handprint or 2 in time to scare the trick or treaters.

Speed-Sew bloody Handprint

 What you need to make your bloody handprint is:

Tube of Speed-Sew Fabric Glue
Red and Blue Food Coloring
Saran / Plastic Wrap
Plate or hard surface
Surgical glove (optional)

Materials for bloody handprint

Now the fun part begins :-), the kid in you gets to play with glue. Before you squeeze some Speed-Sew all over your hand and thumb. Make sure to lay a piece of saran wrap on your kitchen counter or table, tape the corners and sides of the saran wrap down.

Bloody Handprint

After your hand has been covered with Speed-Sew make a nice big open handprint on the saran wrap you have taped down on your counter.

Speed-sew handprint

Take an old plate or you can do this part right on your counter.  If you do spread Speed-Sew on your counter it is ok because once dried it can be peeled off any hard surface that does not have pores such as marble.

Make a blob  of Speed-Sew then add 2 drops of blue and 6 drops of red food coloring.  Play with the color how you like.  If you only use red the final color will be a very bright red.  I found a 3:1 ratio of red to blue worked for me.

Speed-Sew Blob

Spread the blob of Speed-Sew and food coloring around.  The food coloring will stain your hand, this is where you would put a glove on if you want.

Speed-Sew and food coloring

Place your gooey hand over top of the handprint you already made on the saran wrap.

Bloody Handprint

Let your bloody handprint dry.  This will take of couple of hours because of the amount and thickness of your halloween project.

Bloody Handprint

You can peel the bloody handprint off the saran wrap or you can cut it out.  Once that is done you can place your bloody handprint(s) anywhere you want.  Here is the bloody handprint stuck to a mirror.

final speed-sew hand

Where would you stick your bloody handprint?