DIY Jacket Patches Video with Josh and Owen

In this episode Josh and Owen show you how to add some DIY Jacket Patches to the elbows of a fleece jacket.  If 2 guys can do this then certainly the project cannot be that hard.

Supplies needed are:

  • A Piece of Fabric
  • A Marker
  • Some Scissors
  • Some Trim
  • A Toothpick
  • A Piece Of Paper
  • Speed-Sew

DIY Jacket Patches
Learn how to spice up the look of your jacket in this fun tutorial with Owen Clark and Josh Rimer where they show you a cool way to update your fashion! Clothing alternations have never been more fun and easy than with speed-sew!
“You Don’t Need To Sew It” is a DIY video series on YouTube where Josh teaches you how to alter your clothes in new and stylish ways, and Owen shows you an example of just how quick and simple it can be if you have the right fabric glue!
“YOU DON’T NEED TO SEW IT” Episode #6 – DIY Jacket Patches
Step #1: So the first thing you’ll need to do is to put on your jacket and using the marker add an X on each sleeve right at the at the centre of where you elbow is in each sleeve.
Step #2: Next you use the marker to draw on the piece of paper whatever shape you would like for the patch, sizing it to fit within the flattened sleeve of your jacket. You could do a flower shape, a heart shape, or really anything you like – we’re going to just keep it simple for ours and do a square shape.
Step #3: Now you take that paper shape and place it on the fabric to trace around it with the marker. And repeat that again on another part of the fabric so that you’re left with two pieces in your shape.Step #4: Next you’ll take your tube of speed-sew and lightly add it to the back of one of your fabric cut outs, using the toothpick to fully spread it around, not quite to the edges. And then do the same on the other piece.
Step #5: And now you carefully place each piece over top of the X that you drew over the elbows, and rub across it a bit to ensure it’s fully bonded together.
Step #6: Finally, you take your trim and measure around the patch to figure out the length you’ll want to cut off… (Owen does that) And then lightly add your speed-sew to the back of it (Owen does that) And gently place it around the edge of your fabric… (Owen does that) Which you of course then repeat for the other sleeve as well. (Owen does that)
And there you have it – just put on your jacket and walk around showing off your fun, new look! THIS REALLY DOES ADD A LOT MORE PERSONALITY TO THE JACKET.