“YOU DON’T NEED TO SEW IT” Episode #7 – Fix A Damaged Hoodie or Sweater

Learn how to fix a damaged hoodie or sweater. Today we’re going to show you how to take a boring or even damaged sweater or hoodie and an old or torn top, and combine them to make something really cool and stylish

For this fun and unique way to update the look of your sweater or hoodie, and even cover up any damage on it, you’re going to need:

  • An old shirt or sweater that has a design of some sort on it
  • A damaged hoodie
  • Some trim
  • A pair of scissors
  • A piece of chalk
  • A toothpick
  • Speed-Sew

Damaged Hoodie
The first thing you’ll need to do is to use the chalk to draw an outline along the detail of the old piece of clothing, giving yourself a few different shapes and pieces to choose from. If you make a decision that you don’t like you can always rub it out a bit and redraw it with the chalk, which will of course come out in the wash anyway.
Once you’ve decided on your different outlines you then take your scissors and cut along those chalk lines to have the individual pieces.
Now you take those cut out pieces and play around with placing them on your sweater or hoodie to find the spots where you think they look the best and that cover up any worn or torn or otherwise damaged spots that you want to cover up. Use your chalk again to roughly draw an outline around them so you’ll remember where they go.
Once that’s been decided you take your tube of speed-sew and lightly add it to the back of one of the fabric cut outs, using the toothpick to fully spread it around, not quite to the edges. And then do the same on the remaining pieces.
Now you carefully place each piece within the drawn outlines and rub them down a bit to ensure they’re fully bonded together.
Finally, you take your trim and measure around a patch to figure out the length you’ll want to cut off…  And then lightly add your speed-sew to the back of it, gently place it around the edge of your fabric… Which you of course you then repeat for the other pieces as well.
And there you have it – just put on your sweater or hoodie and you’re all set to show off your fun, new look! IT’S TOTALLY COVERED UP THE DAMAGE AND REALLY CHANGED THE LOOK OF THIS HOODIE.
Now you know how to fix a damaged hoodie or sweater.
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how to fix a damaged hoodie or sweater