We reached out to craft bloggers recently and asked them if they would like some Speed-Sew for their next project.

“I hemmed a pair of my daughter’s sweatpants in less than 15 minutes without a sewing machine. That is quite shocking. This fabric glue stuff might be my next obsession.”

“I glued it on with Speed-Sew and allowed it to dry. Gotta love a no sew project, ey?”

“Speed-Sew is some tough glue and I know I won’t have to worry about these little pom poms falling off later down the road once we get this hoop displayed on her wall.”

“You put this glue on the fabric, hold it for a minute and it’s like it’s been sewn together! I love it!”

“I removed the beads to add this gold bias tape on the edges with Speed-Sew glue. (No sewing! Love that!)”

“Upon trying this product, I found that it not only works as a no-sew product, but it can be used for many other craft projects, and it works great for a variety of household and clothing repairs, as well.”

“It dries really fast and the hold seems like it will last.”

We did not compensate any of these craft bloggers financially for any of these posts.  They are all genuine and honest opinions and created because they wanted to.

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Faux Fur Rug from a COAT!


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speed-sew glue burlap
craft bloggers10 Minute NO SEW Skirt (Just in time for Spring!)
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