Speed-Sew Whiteboard Animation

A clever Speed-Sew Whiteboard Animation showing all the benefits of Speed-Sew Fabric Glue in an easy and entertaining format using drawings and cartoons in the video.

Quotes From Bloggers

“I hemmed a pair of my daughter’s sweatpants in less than 15 minutes without a sewing machine. That is quite shocking. This fabric glue stuff might be my next obsession.”
seal copySpeed-Sew Guarantee“I glued it on with Speed-Sew and allowed it to dry. Gotta love a no sew project, ey?”
“You put this glue on the fabric, hold it for a minute and it’s like it’s been sewn together! I love it!”
“Upon trying this product, I found that it not only works as a no-sew product, but it can be used for many other craft projects, and it works great for a variety of household and clothing repairs, as well.”
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Speed-Sew Whiteboard Animation