Speed-Sew Fabric & Craft Glue
Premium Fabric Glue


Speed-Sew Premium Fabric Glue (Crafts & Workwear) is the number one fabric mending/glue/adhesive on the market today. The trusted fabric glue for over 50 years.


Speed-Sew Fabric & Craft Glue

Fast Drying

Speed-Sew Fabric & Craft Glue

No Ironing Required

Speed-Sew Fabric & Craft Glue

Multi Purpose

Instantly Hem and Repair
Clothes, Fabrics, and Leathers with Speed-Sew

When you need a premium fabric glue that can help you repair clothes quickly, hem a dress on the spot, or even resecure leather or upholstery, it’s not always easy to break out a sewing machine or visit a tailor. And not everyone knows how to sew up a seam in a pinch. That’s why Speed-Sew is the perfect solution to help you create a clean seal without ever picking up a needle and thread.

A smart, easy-to-use liquid formula, our fabric & craft glue can be used to instantly repair tears in all kinds of clothes, including work uniforms, pants, dresses, shoes, and more. And it’s so versatile Speed-Sew can be used for tons of other daily applications such as mending carpet flooring, fixing seams on furniture, and so much more.