Where to Buy


Speed-Sew is sold in these stores labeled as Liquid Stitch Fabric Mender:


  • WalMart
  • Home Hardware
  • Hudson Bay Company
  • Super Stores
  • IGA
  • Value Drug Mart
  • Many other boutique retailers





Dries in seconds Séche en quelques secondes Seca en segundos
Instant Fabric & Leather Adhesive
Instant, permanent, fabric glue.
DIRECTIONS:Use test spot.Squeeze Speed-Sew onto a dish and apply sparingly with a toothpick onto fabric. Press the two sides of fabric together and hold firmly until it dries. Glue can be removed with water if the glue is not dry. Dry glue can be removed with perchlorethylene.
MEND OR REPAIRS… Jeans, coats, tents, carpets, awnings, tarps, belts, upholstery, overalls, furniture and 100’s of other things.  Use for stitchless mending or rips, tears or holes.  Apply patches, sequins and do hems.
Not recommended: Sheer fabrics and knits. Do not dry clean.  Avoid squeezing glue directly onto fabric, follow directions for application. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN
REPRISE OU RÉPARE….Jeans, manteaux, tentes. Tapis, stores, tissus dámeublement, et bien dáutres
DIRECTIONS: NE PAS appliquer directement, Mettre un peu de produit sur une assiette et appliquer une petite quantité avec le doigt ou un cure-dents, puis resser fermenment et laisser sécher. Faire particuliérement attention avec les tissus fins ou tricottés. En cas de doute, faire un essai préalable. DÉCONSEILLÉ pour voilages ou nettoyage á sec. Peut se retirer á léau ´sil est sec. NE PAS LAISSER Á LA PORTÉE DES ENFANTS
REMENDE O REPARE. Pantalones de mezclilla, abrigos, tiendas de campaña, alfombras, toldos, carpas, cinturones, tapices y otras muchas cosas. Usese para reparar hoyos y desgarrones sin coserlos o para aplicar parches, lentejuelas y para hacer bastillas.
INSTRUCCIONES. No se aplique directamente, exprima un poco de pegamento en un plato y aplique una pequeña cantidad en el material con el dedo o con un palillo, presione fuertemente y déjese secar. Tenga cuidado con los tejidos o las telas delgadas. En caso de tener duda pruébelo primero.
Su uso no se recomienda con las telas finas ni de tintorería. Se puede remover con agua si el material está húmedo o con percloriteno si está seco. MANTENGASE FUERA DEL ALCANCE DE LOS NIÑOS.

How Long to Dry

Speed-Sew dries very fast depending on the application.  The thicker the application of Speed-Sew the longer it takes to dry.  If you rub a little bit on your fingers Speed-Sew will dry in less then a minute.
I would say maximum amount of time for Speed-Sew to dry would be 30 minutes.  Majority of uses should allow Speed-Sew to dry in 10 minutes or less.

Solidified Speed-Sew

From the beginning we have used aluminum tubes and in the last 2013 we switched to laminate tubes for a single production run.  This decision was made only because we thought laminate looked better. The problem that we are learning now is that laminate allows air back in the tube. When Speed-Sew and air combine the product solidifies.
In our last production run air was let into a small amount of tubes and these tubes are completely solidified at the retail level.  If you have a laminate tube please be careful to put the cap back on before letting any air into the tube after using.
If you have bought a tube and it was solid when you opened it we need to know so we can replace it and also give you a 2nd tube absolutely free.
We apologize for this inconvenience and hope to keep you as a long term Speed-Sew user and fan.
We have switched back to the aluminum tube and will continue providing the #1 Fabric Glue.
Thank you for your understanding as we work through this.
Owen Clark
Please email (admin at canmecenterprises.com) so I can send you your replacement Speed-Sew.  Make sure to include your mailing address and the crimp code found stamped on the crimp of the tube.

How Do I Remove

Speed-Sew can be removed by using perchlorethylene. Perchlorethylene is normally obtained through your local dry cleaner.
We have also heard that Speed-Sew can be removed using Canola oil & butter.
A product called Stain Devils Spot Remover also helps remove Speed-Sew. It contains Olefin, Polypropylene, and Polyolefin.
“The best thing we have found to remove any of the tape or speed sew is Zo-Eze (it is a adhesive remover) and will not leave behind the goooie tacky feeling that other adhesive removers do. (such as goo gone or others you buy at the store). The only place we have found it happens to be from vendors or pet distributors, not at your local stores.”
“Strip Ease is the solvent I prefer for glue removal.
Speed-Sew may be removed with water if wet.

Is Speed-Sew Latex based


Does Speed Sew freeze

Speed Sew should survive the freeze thaw cycle.  If cold enough it will freeze.

Puppy Ears

What is the best procedure to speed-sew a Sheltie puppy’s ears tipped and then how do you take it off without hurting the dog?
Boy, it is so much easier to show someone than try and explain, but let me see…
first it depends on if the sheltie is a puppy, young adult, or older adult.
with puppies, around the age of 8wks we start bracing ears on top of the head to help with a good ear set.  we pull the two ears together and place a small dab of speed sew on the fur between the two ears.  this brings the ears to the top of the head and will help hold or create a good ear set.
as the puppies continue to grow the ears do all kinds of funny things especially while teething.  some will tip low, and look like hound ears, others will just stay pricked and not tip at all.  for those that do not tip, several breeder will do this several different ways.  I use either the ear tape or mole skin in the ear (you must make sure the ear is cleaned with alcohol first) one either little piece of this is attached to the inside of the ear, I use a small amount of speed sew on the tip to bend over and glue to the tape or mole skin.  In several cases this must continue to be done during the teething process (otherwise who knows what the ears will look like).  Others, just us a small amount of speed sew and attach it to the fur towards the bottom of the ear.
the best thing we have found to remove any of the tape or speed sew is Zo-Eze (it is a adhesive remover) and will not leave behind the goooie tacky feeling that other adhesive removers do. (such as goo gone or others you buy at the store).  The only place we have found it happens to be from vendors or pet distributors, not at your local stores.