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If you and your company are interested in becoming a adhesive glue distributor.

please contact us at – Credit Application here

We are the Adhesive Glue Manufacturer and Distributor. Anyone can join as a distributor with Speed Sew. Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to grow your own business!

Distributors FAQ

Canmec Enterprises

  • D-U-N-S: 203830062
  • SER risk rating: 3
  • EIN: 98-1643542
  • HS: 3506.91.00.90
  • GST: 814747002

Click and see the Speed-Sew PDF sell sheet

We have a single SKU with multiple packaging options.

  • 144 tubes with 6 pack inners (6×24) – we carry these in stock
  • 144 tubes with 12 pack inners (12×12) – custom order
  • 120 tubes with 3 pack inners (3×40) – custom order
  • We Private Label

Our Confidential Distributor Price List check here

  • Email to request the password
  • Min order 144 tubes.
  • We pay for freight with a MOQ of 4 cases (Canada & USA only)
  • Shipping information can be found here
  • Case count is 144 tubes, all orders must be divisible by the case.
  • We have a 100% refund policy on damaged or defective items.
  • We do not guarantee any sales.
  • We do not have a minimum advertising price.
  • We are EDI capable.
  • Liability Insurance: $2 Million USD

Shipping Details: 

    • You can sell Speed-Sew anywhere in the world.
    • Able to sell online with the exception of Amazon as we have registered with Brand Registry.
    • No special handling required.
    • Depending on the order size, 12 days lead time is all we need.

    We have warehouse inventory in: 

    • Hampshire, IL, USA
    • Hamilton, ON, Canada
    • Richmond, BC, Canada

    We provide a packing slip, can mark cartons and pallets with PO numbers.

    We will meet an average of 90% PO fill rate as long as we have an idea of your requirements.

    More detailed packaging information can be found here

    Item Specs and Details:

    Suggested Retail is $7.98 – $9.99

    • Product UPC – 058357110026
    • Inner GTIN – 10058357110023
    • Case GTIN – 50058357110021

    We keep on-hand finished inventory and we make items to order.

    • As mentioned above on-hand inventory are cases of 144 tubes with 12 pack inners.

    Made to order requires a min 4 months lead time.

    Packaging is multi-lingual

    • English
    • Spanish
    • French

    Find our Safety Data (MSDS) sheet here

    We are open to marketing opportunities.

    We do not offer rebates.

    Image types we can provide:

    • Package images
    • Out of Package (Product) images
    • Lifestyle images

    Click to download high-res images here.

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