Crafting with Fabric Glue

Watch us create a simple felt craft using Speed Sew Fabric Glue. To create this craft all you need is felt, scissors, pins, a toothpick and Speed-Sew.

Speed-Sew Fabric Glue (Workwear & Crafts) is an innovative, easy-to-use liquid formula that can instantly repair fabrics, leathers, and other materials. We have sewists who adhere to edges quickly, hobbyists who create fun DIY projects, and tradespeople who repair their ripped workwear for more than 50 years.


– Squeeze Speed-Sew onto a dish
– Use Speed-Sew on clean fabric
– Remove glue with water if the glue is not dry
– Let air dry for a few minutes (no heat needed)

Felt Fabric Sheet:
Pinking Shears:
Speed-Sew No Sew Fabric Glue Adhesive:

0:00 Materials
0:13 Cutting out the shapes
2:17 Assembly of the Raccoon
3:42 Result

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