How to Repair a Hole in a Sweater WITHOUT Sewing

Quickly repair a hole on your sweater or shirt without sewing using Speed-Sew fabric glue. Whether you are fixing a sweater, crew neck, hoodie or shirt, this video shows you how to mend your clothing back to new condition. See what store carries Speed-Sew near you, or buy it on Amazon, links below: AMAZON.COM AMAZON.CA Tags: How to fix a hole in my sweater, How to fix a hole in my shirt, How to fix a hole in my hoodie, how to fix an armpit hole, best fabric glue for on the go, fabric glue that dries quickly, best ways to use fabric glue, fix a hole with fabric glue, how to repair clothes without sewing, what are sewing alternatives, how to fix a large hole, what is the best fabric glue for repairs.